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UltraGlow® nitriding is the ultimate surface treatment for low-to-high carbon steels, cast irons, stainless steels, powdered metals and any variation of tool steels.

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The first cylinder liners, which we treated for [an oil industry customer] exceeded 13,000 hours in service and are still going.

Edward Rolinski, DrEng, Dr-habil, VP Technology at Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

UltraGlow® Nitrided Titanium for Sonotrodes

Posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Titanium has very good acoustic properties and is therefore often used for making sonotrodes. Sonotrodes are the tools which resonate the sound in ultrasonic machines used in welding, joining and metal-cutting machines as well as in many other applications. UltraGlow® Nitriding can significantly increase the life of such tools!