Why Advanced Heat Treat

Guided by our six core values, we will strive to exceed your expectations with UltraGlowing® results!

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. will treat your parts like our first born; from the person who answers the phone to Dr. Glow - you'll feel like family with AHT; and you can visit it us--any time! When you work with AHT, you'll follow our proven process: The UltraGlow® Difference--from the R&D/design phase, all the way to production--to ensure the surface treatment and material choice have UltraGlowing® results!

We would love for you to check out a few of our website pages before determining if we are a good fit, but we know you don't have all day, so here's a quick overview--or click here for our NEW corporate brochure!

DUNS: 05-650-4168

TIN: 421171269


NAICS Code: 332811



Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has four facilities (IA, MI, AL) containing:

50 UltraGlow® Ion/Gas Nitride Units:

  • Up to 30 feet tall
  • Up to 13 feet wide
  • Up to 60,000 pounds

7 UltraGlow® Induction Hardening Machines:

  • Up to 300 kilowatts
  • Up to 4 feet scan

4 Certified Metallurgical Labs (Click here to be taken to our Quality page to see a complete list of certifications)

  • Iowa Certifications
  • Michigan Certification
  • Alabama Certification

10 Atmosphere Furnaces:

  • Up to 3 feet tall
  • Up to 4 feet wide
  • Up to 3,000 pounds
  • Up to 2,100°F

14 Tempering Furnaces

With such flexibility and innovation, we are able to provide services to world-class clientele in a variety of industries including automotive, agricultural, military, aerospace, oil & gas, energy and off-highway equipment, just to name a few. Nevertheless, UltraGlow® Ion (Pulse Plasma) Nitriding continues to serve as our signature heat treating process, and the glowing purple color has become a trademark of our commitment to UltraGlow®. The UltraGlow® name has been a mark of AHT's high-caliber heat treat services and superior metallurgical solutions over the past 35+ years and for many more to come.

If you don't know what's happening to your parts during heat treat, click here to read a white paper written by one of our very own metallurgists!