Why You'll Trust The AHT Team

Guided by our six core values, we will strive to exceed your expectations with UltraGlowing® results!

From the person who answers the phone to Dr. Glow, you'll feel like family with AHT. When you work with our team of surface treatment experts, we won't assume. Anything. AHT customers follow our proven process: The UltraGlow® Difference--from the R&D/design phase, all the way to production--to ensure the surface treatment and material choice have "UltraGlowing results"! We welcome you to come visit it us--any time! 

We would love for you to check out a few of our website pages before determining if we are a good fit, but we know you don't have all day, so here's a quick overview--or click here for our NEW corporate brochure!

DUNS: 05-650-4168

TIN: 421171269


NAICS Code: 332811



Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has four facilities (IA, MI, AL) containing:

50 UltraGlow® Ion/Gas Nitride Units:

  • Up to 30 feet tall
  • Up to 13 feet wide
  • Up to 60,000 pounds

7 UltraGlow® Induction Hardening Machines:

  • Up to 300 kilowatts
  • Up to 4 feet scan

4 Certified Metallurgical Labs (Click here to be taken to our Quality page to see a complete list of certifications)

  • Iowa Certifications
  • Michigan Certification
  • Alabama Certification

10 Atmosphere Furnaces:

  • Up to 3 feet tall
  • Up to 4 feet wide
  • Up to 3,000 pounds
  • Up to 2,100°F

14 Tempering Furnaces

With such flexibility and innovation, we are able to provide services to world-class clientele in a variety of industries including automotive, agricultural, military, aerospace, oil & gas, energy and off-highway equipment, just to name a few. Nevertheless, UltraGlow® Ion (Pulse Plasma) Nitriding continues to serve as our signature heat treating process, and the glowing purple color has become a trademark of our commitment to UltraGlow®. The UltraGlow® name has been a mark of AHT's high-caliber heat treat services and superior metallurgical solutions over the past 35+ years and for many more to come.

If you don't know what's happening to your parts during heat treat, click here to read a white paper written by one of our very own metallurgists!