Induction Hardening

UltraGlow® Induction Hardening

UltraGlow® Induction Hardening is a form of heat treatment in which a steel or cast iron part is heated by electromagnetic induction, immediately followed by rapid cooling (quenching). Upon quenching, the metal undergoes martensitic transformation, significantly increasing its hardness.

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Induction hardening can be used to harden only select areas of a metal part without affecting the properties or distorting the remainder of the part. UltraGlow® Induction Hardening, a heat treat process offered at our Waterloo, IA facility can be used to harden select areas, soften or anneal select areas, and more! 

Benefits of UltraGlow® Induction Hardening:

  • Increased surface hardness, strength and wear resistance
  • Deep case with tough core
  • Parts may be tempered after induction hardening to adjust hardness level as desired
  • Selective hardening process with no masking required
  • Areas which require welding after heat treatment may be left soft
  • Relatively minimal distortion
  • Allows use of low cost steels such as 1045
  • Frequently the most economical treatment method per pound

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. UltraGlow® Induction Heating Capabilities:

Advanced Heat Treat has seven induction hardening machines (six 2-spindle & one 4-spindle), and can induction harden parts up to 51 inches long & 10.5 inches in diameter. 

Watch this short video on UltraGlow® Induction Hardening:

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