Plastic Injection Molds and Extruder Screws

Since the hard surface polishes easily, tools made of P-20, PX 5, or NAK 55 steels are a good fit for UltraGlow® Ion Nitriding.

These types of tools are used for forming various plastics reinforced with fiberglass. Tools are subjected to severe erosion, wear, and corrosion as well as thermal fatigue from the hot plastic and cyclic loading. Typically, these tools are made of P-20, PX 5, or NAK 55 steels. In many situations, requirements for these tools also include high mirror surface finish. This can be easily achieved with UltraGlow® Ion Nitriding since the hard surface polishes easily.

Up to 30' long extruder screws during UltraGlow® Ion Nitriding.

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